I believe that the time is ripe for significantly better documen-
tation of programs, and that we can best achieve this by
considering programs to be works of literature.
—Donald Knuth, “Literate Programming


Literate programming in R

What is Roxygen?

Roxygen is a Doxygen-like documentation system for R; allowing in-source specification of Rd files, collation and namespace directives.


To get started with Roxygen, see our vignette; or manual for a detailed outlay of individual functions.

For historical interest, our GSoC proposal is available (nota bene: design decisions have changed).

Downloading Roxygen

Roxygen is available on CRAN; issue the following from within R to install it:


You can also check out a pre-release version from our repository at R-Forge.

Support for Roxygen


StatET supports Roxygen since 0.7.0; including:


ESS supports Roxygen since 5.8; including:


Someone's usually lurking on #roxygen at Freenode; or you can try our mailing lists.

Peter Danenberg <pcd at roxygen dot org>
Manuel Eugster <manuel.eugster at stat dot uni-muenchen dot de>